Monthly Archives: July 2015

Memo to New CEOs: Pick A Winning Senior Team

As a new CEO, you can’t do it all alone. While you might have the authority to make the company’s strategic decisions, you will never have all the information you need to make them nor the time required to implement…

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Managing the Hand-Off: Advice for The First Hundred Days

Taking the reins as CEO is tricky. Some participants in our CEO study told us of smooth and helpful transitions, others of strained transitions that couldn’t happen fast enough for one or the other party. Although no firm recommendations emerged…

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Want to Become CEO? Here’s How to Prepare

What does it take to succeed in the top job? In our study of sitting CEOs, executives pointed to six kinds of developmental experiences that they believed had been integral to their success. While not a simple recipe for success,…

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What’s Next?

The business leader seeking practical advice and wisdom has many options these days. Too many, in fact. Blogs, articles, and postings abound—a tidal wave of ideas coming at you each and every day, more than you could possibly read. Yet…

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