Leading A Multigenerational Workforce

Nationally known voice on generational differences in the workplace Kim Huggins, was recently interviewed by Generis (an organizer of business summits including the American Manufacturing Summit) on the topic of Leading A Multi Generational Workforce in Manufacturing.

You can read the interview here.

Questions include:

  • Why is it important for manufacturers to understand the different generations that make up their workforce? When/How is this information useful?
  • What is the cultural impact (within the organization) of a multi-generational workforce? How does this new culture differ from the traditional workforce culture?
  • What are the main challenges that Manufacturers face when managing a multi-generational workforce? How do these issues effect operations?
  • Are there any opportunities for Manufacturers to leverage this new multi-generational workforce? If so, how? /  What opportunities does this multi-generational workforce present

Learn more about Kim Huggins here.

Read Kim’s blog posts here.

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